Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  1. What type of wire can The Wire Tornado electric fence wire winder wind?
    The 12 volt continuous duty motor is powerful and can wind almost any type of electric fence wire, but it was designed for 14 or 17 gauge smooth wire.

  2. How much wire will the spool hold?
    Depending on the gauge of wire you are winding, the spool will hold over 1/2 mile of wire. We strongly suggest you wind approximately 1/2 mile of wire for each spool, which will be lighter for the operator to remove and replace the loaded spools onto The Wire Tornado, and to provide the owner a method to maintain an accurate inventory of wire on each spool.

  3. What type of battery will operate The Wire Tornado?
    Any 12 volt vehicle battery will provide enough amperage and voltage to operate the wire winder for hours. The Wire Tornado includes enough cable to connect directly to the positive cable of your vehicle’s battery, or to another battery located in the back of your vehicle, ATV, or trailer. The ground wire can either be connected to the ground of the vehicle battery, or to the negative post of your battery.

    Note: An ATV/UTV battery will not provide enough amperage to power The Wire Tornado. You must use a large automobile battery for sufficient power.

  4. What can I mount the Wire Tornado to?
    You can place The Wire Tornado on the back of a pickup truck, a trailer, or an ATV. The Wire Tornado can be quickly mounted and secured with a ratchet strap.

  5. PayPal shows payment to Inventive Enterprizes.
    Inventive Enterprizes, LLC is the manufacturer of The Wire Tornado. Your receipt will show Electric Fence Winder – Inventive Enterprizes.


  1. The spool on The Wire Tornado will not spin.

    • Ensure your cables are connected to the positive post of your battery and the ground wire is connected to a good ground or the negative post of your battery. If you are using the battery in your pickup, you may need to try connecting the negative wire to several different metal areas in the bed of your pickup to get a good ground.
    • Ensure your battery is fully charged.
    • Ensure you did not reverse polarity of your wires (red wire to positive, green wire to negative).
    • You must squeeze The Wire Tornado pistol grip trigger to operate the motor and spool.
    • After lengthy use, a wire inside the cover of the box of The Wire Tornado may be loose.
    • If the shaft spins, but the spool will not spin, ensure you connected the spool clamp onto the spool and the shaft correctly.


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